diy building a deck vanguard

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38 longboard deck loaded vanguard clone bamboo and .,apr 18, 2016 . 38 longboard deck loaded vanguard clone bamboo and maple deck [38 longboard bamboo&maple deck] - 38 longboard deck loaded clone bamboo skateboard longboard deck for diy electric skateboard longboard loaded clone bamboo deck 6 layers maple wood +2..

first build, loaded vanguard, single motor, homemade 10s4p, bms .,nov 30, 2016 . i ordered what i believe is everything i need to assemble my first build, here are the parts: loaded vanguard 42" deck flex 2; caliber v2 10" trucks blackout (50 degree baseplate); kegel 83a (a bit hard but i can't get my hands on the 80a) with loaded jehu bearings; diy 36t kegel pulley combo kit..

has anyone found a deck similar shape to the loaded vanguard .,jun 27, 2016 . just a simple question, i really like the vanguard deck from loaded, but unfortunately it's, a: super expensive ($400+ after shipping and conversions) and b: has too much flex, . so, ideally just the shape of the vanguard and a stiff deck, is what i'm looking for. . the electric skateboard diy building dream! cardfight!! vanguard custom deck box first attempt .,nov 26, 2011 . it was due to afa 11 that i decided to get trial decks from cardfight!! vanguard as there was a pre-release for the english version. i'll save the story for this one once i post up my singapore 2011 trip later on. =p. today i felt like making a deck box for my deck as i'm currently using the box is came with to..

carbon fiber electric skateboard deck? choose our next product .,feb 10, 2016 . there are plans to make additional carbon fiber decks in the near future as well but we will need to settle for 1 item starting off. but we . the drop through downhill deck will resemble an arbor deck or loaded vanguard deck which will be about 38"-40" in length. arbor electric skateboard deck arbor koa..

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diy building a deck vanguard