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the commander color wheel | quiet speculation,sep 4, 2012 . commander is a format in which the players can unlock the full potential of even the most obscure [card black market]magic cards[/card], which dramatically shifts the color balance. blue, for example, is thought to be the best color in legacy, while red is probably the worst. does this hold true for..

color combination guide for mtg deck building in magic duels .,sep 1, 2015 . while the last guide concerned general tips for duels and magic, in general, this guide will concern color combination and deck building. this guide will be a . this combination takes the token generation from both colors and uses the control from white with the mana acceleration of green. the idea is to..

a beginner's guide to legacy cardhoarder,our beginner's guide to the legacy format on magic online (mtgo) . in that case, legacy is the older format with more powerful cards and cheaper interaction. .. now we have delver decks, and if you thought uwxxx was vague, delver decks are uxxxx! delver decks come in whatever color combination you could..

combo search - essential magic,magic the gathering decks, combos, strategy, and the best card search engine on the web! . combo colors . you can type the name of a particular card in the "contains card" field to search for combos that use that card. capitalization doesn't matter, but spelling does. the "date posted" field will accept most standard date..

(discussion) best two color combination in mtg? : magictcg - reddit,of the history of magic which two colors have worked best in combination with one another? i have always had success with blue/white control. . when there is actual synergy, it's often a combo deck, using black tutoring, mana, and win cons (reanimation, tendrils) and blue filtering/d and disruption..

color combos for decks | magic: the gathering | boardgamegeek,what is the best combination of colors for a deck? . because magic comes out in blocks and sets, the different combinations sometimes feel "weaker/stronger" (for instance, white was quite strong in m15, . so intro decks for that set and limited using those packs is usually built around 3-color decks

how to build a magic: the gathering deck - quora,0) know the format you're playing 1) determine how you want to play 2) determine the color combination 3) create your template using your results from steps 1 and 2 and by using bread 4) use a card list or a card search engine to build your decklist 5) test for balance (mana curve and balance of gameplay features) - the five colors in legacy's best deck,may 19, 2011 . the only reason that i'm able have such a discussion with johnny no-hobbies is that magic's colors are remarkably well-balanced right now. even serious . while certain interactions and color combinations are more effective than others, there is a ton of flexibility in how a legacy junk deck can be built

what your magic: the gathering deck says about you | geek and .,aug 4, 2015 . as you learn what events lead up to the ascensions of jace, liliana, chandra, nissa, and gideon, we thought it might be fun to look into what your own connection with magic might mean. if you've ever picked up a deck of magic cards, you know that in the game there exist five colors of mana: blue, black,..

brewer's minute: 10 commander combosblue - mtggoldfish,mar 2, 2018 . instead of talking about modern or standard, we're going to talk about combos for commander! while all of these combos are legal for casual legacy play as well, the big reason we're discussing these combos is because they are legal in mono-blue (and any color combination with blue) decks in..

multicolored - mtg wiki,apr 21, 2018 . multicolored cards tend to be more powerful compared to single-color or even hybrid cards, because of the restriction of having to use all the colors in the mana .. magic: the gathering combination names: tool that allows selecting colors to show the name for the particular color combination, as well as a..

color pair building blocks | magic: the gathering,may 20, 2015 . when most people think of white and blue for limited, they think of the "flyers" deck. this is a deck that uses flying creatures from both white and blue (these two colors get the most flying creatures) to win in the air. it also uses high-toughness blockers on the ground in combination with blue tempo spells and..

are multicolor decks in any color combination viable in modern magic?,each two color combination has a ravnica guild, and half of the three color combinations have an alara shard. . of black), and red/green/black midrange decks with lots of value creatures, and white/green/blue decks, either pure control or with lots of acceleration into larger creatures, and white/green/red decks also on..

hands on with amonkhet limited - article detail | hareruya .,may 9, 2017 . as we have a brief overview of the colors we can move towards the color-pairs, even though i have not drafted every color combination yet. so i'll try to give you the key factors and key cards, even though some statements i make are only from the view of having faced said decks. as usual i will not list..

choosing colors for your magic the gathering deck,apr 5, 2011 . once you've picked out a theme for your deck, it's time to choose which colors of magic you'll be using. . picking your colors. if your deck is an aggressive deck, you might choose one of these color combinations: red burn deck with lots of direct damage spells and some creatures; green swarm deck..

1,000 commander decks, revisited by daniel . - gathering magic,jul 26, 2013 . there's a problem with this approach, though. legendary creatures aren't evenly distributed; white and black have substantially more legendary creatures than the other colors. to control for the disparity between colors, i created an expected-value measure for a color or color combination's popularity

magic: the gathering - color combination names,link to this combo: /magic/c/?id=11111. © copyright 2012-2014 humphrey shotton. images are & © copyright 2010-2014 wizards of the coast llc. find anything wrong with the names? contact me on twitter or reddit! w3c validation - version

magic: the gathering rivals of ixalan our 10-ish favorite .,jan 14, 2018 . . really good magic card. the obvious problem with it though is that black/green is not an officially supported color combination in ixalan or rivals of ixalan. finding a home for jungle creeper could prove to be tough. if you can, it will easily become a solid addition to any deck even without tribal synergies

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magic deck color combinations using