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protecting fence posts from rot | professional deck builder .,aug 10, 2017 . most of the waterborne preservative systems commonly used today employ a metallic component (usually copper) combined with co-biocides to improve resistance to copper-tolerant fungi, molds, and bacteria. our studies have found that yellow-pine posts treated with several industrial wood preservatives..

copper-green 1 gal. wood preservative-copper1 - the home depot,designed for use above ground, below ground and below the water line, the copper-green 1 gal. wood preservative shields wooden surfaces from the elements and wood-eating insects. the heavy-duty, solvent-based preservative protects new wood and highlights the weathering process and prevents future damage for..

stopping the rot - timber trades journal online,apr 28, 2012 . performance information about industrial wood preservatives will be listed. . wpa action includes investigating reports of fence posts failures, issuing a findings fact file and publishing a guidance note about achieving the best results when treating spruce a species classified in british standards as..

all about wooden garden fence maintenance - wood finishes direct,apr 17, 2015 . the panels themselves, however, were in pretty good nick. wooden fencing needs preservation. we had been adding an annual coat of wood preserver to the posts and panels, doing our best to maintain a solid, strong structure. this had paid off on the timber above ground but it was the wood in the..

how to set fence posts that won't rot | family handyman,to get the most out of your new posts, here are five things you can do: 1. soak the bottom of the posts in a wood preservative containing copper napthanate, such as cuprinol. available at some paint stores and home centers, this wood treatment is specifically designed for in-ground applications. 2. place about 6 in. of..

diy treating a fence post the old way - youtube,apr 4, 2015 . diy treating a fence post the old way. . also bury them with roc not dirt that will help keep the moisture away, no rock get a load of gravel. good idea to fir the end of the wood. better than oil or gear oil .. charring is not recommended as a method of obtaining a longer service life from posts and poles

concrete - would wrapping a wood fence post in plastic help .,anyway if you wanted to protect the posts you are best soaking the post in creosote it's a type of oil that is used specifically to treat wood for this very reason its also used in tar .. pound it down with a fence post. . i soaked my 6"x6"x18' deck roof support posts with two coats of flood preservative stain

homemade fence post treatment - ask an expert,if a person has access to peeler cores or untreated wood posts, what is the best way to treat them for use as fence posts and about how long would those . we no longer recommend do-it-yourself preservative treatment of fence posts, because the surface-applied products or cold-soaking methods are the..

how to keep fence post from rotting - forum - bob vila,jul 24, 2004 . if you know of another material that is visually attractive to use in the split rail fence please tell me. anonymous. 05:19pm | 07/24/04. you can protect cedar posts by soaking the ends in a bucket filled with copper napthenate (jasco, copper green wood preservative and others). it takes time for the chemical..

treated fence posts for free - modern homesteading - mother .,the story of an old time texas homesteader who makes his own treated fence posts from cleared wood and used motor oil. . john bunyan's preservative process requires nothing but a vat and several gallons of used motor oil, a good way for automobile owners to recycle that waste product rather than pay a garage to..

fence posts - materials, installation and removal - bc ministry of .,wooden posts. the most suitable and most used material for agricultural fence posts is wood; specifically round, chemically pressure treated softwood, . the principal reasons for this preference are that wooden posts are in good supply in . treatment is by far the most effective method of applying wood preservative

what type of wood preservative is best on pressure treated wooden .,i am planning on installing a wooden stockade fence in the spring. i would like to know what type of wood preservative i can use on the wooden posts to be under ground. i have heard different answers ranging from none to driveway sealant. should i purchase my posts at a home center or at a lumber..

copper naphthenate treated fence posts - copper care wood .,naphthenate preservative systems, the effect on wood treated with copper naphthenate or copper naphthenate wood preservative systems, and a review of the long-term efficacy trials, in various species of wooden fence posts. included in this discussion are independent results from the usda- forest products lab testing in..

the preservative treatment of fence posts and other . -,from the preceding section, it is obvious that the type of preservative treatment should be in accordance with the conditions under which the wood is used. for posts, poles and other timbers which are permanently in contact with the soil, conditions favoring decay are most severe and treatment should be the best that can be..

organic alternatives to conventional fence post treatments .,jul 16, 2014 . ammoniacalcopper citrate (cc) is recommended by sellers for use in treating fence posts and grape stakes. copper azole (cba) is a wood preservative formulation used in commercial preservatives, such as wolman e preservative. alkaline copper quaternary (acq) ammonium is a rot, decay, and termite..

motor oil to preserve fence posts? (homestead forum at permies),fence posts typically rot away just below the surface of the soil. this is the most rich and biologically active layer. no matter what species of wood you use you'll get more life from your posts if you fill the hole with rubble rock rather than with soil. put a few good-sized chunks in the bottom of the hole then..

preservative treatment of wood for farm use - forest products .,on the farm it has been shown that an untreated fence post that would normally . effective than others. wood preservatives. wood preservatives are of two general types; (1) oils, such as creosote, creosote solutions and pentachlorophenol, .. for maximum protection with any wood preservative, good penetration of the

how to protect wooden fence posts from rotting | home guides .,brush the bottom third or bottom half of the fence post with waterborne copper naphthenate, a wood preservative that is free of arsenic and chromium. brush the . the posts stand upright best when you bury one-third of the total post length, but you might not be able to dig as deep, so a minimum of 24 inches is acceptable

stopping the rot when it comes to fence posts - farmers weekly,mar 15, 2012 . the wood should be dried to about 28% moisture, although that varies according to species. timber which is not sufficiently dry will not absorb the preservative correctly. although some manufacturers kiln dry timber posts, air drying, if done correctly, is better as the wood is less likely to become brittle

your ideas on fence post treatment in general board - the forestry .,any suggestions on where to get penta.or any treatment that will actually work on posts? i am building about a mile of fence and have the means and

treating wood fence posts - the old timers way - youtube,nov 7, 2016 . in this video i show how the old timers use to treat/protect fence posts from rotting. . treating wood fence posts - the old timers way . so i was doing what the government wanted me to do and let my fences and sheds rot away by coating them in a wax based paint that is as good as wrapping timber in..

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best wood preservative for fence posts