wood deck or concrete patio heaving

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frost heave prevention for decks - startribune.com,jun 6, 2013 . how deck footings heave. when a deck is attached to a building, the part of the deck that gets supported by the earth needs to have proper frost footings. the most common deck footing is basically a big chunk of concrete poured in to a hole in the earth. the goal is to have this chunk of concrete go deep..

building a roof over a deck or patio - hometips,apr 30, 2018 . if local codes allow setting the overhead directly on an existing slab but the concrete is not thick enough to support the overhead's weight, you will have to pour new footings around the slab's perimeter or break out sections and pour deeper footings. for information on installing a new patio, see pouring a..

advantages of concrete deck | ocmulgee concrete services,wood decks have become very trendy in the past couple of years but the original and always will be the best patio material is concrete. . longer it cures, the harder and stringer it becomes making it resistant to most elements of damage such as weather, insect damage and even mechanical damage form heavy foot traffic

frost heaving: patio and garage | this old house,mar 19, 2008 . our house was built in 1955, patio in 1978. the several feet of snow covering our patio since december have just begun melting and we are now seeing that sections of the concrete slab are cracked and heaving up, one chunk by a couple inches. it literally looks like a minor earthquake has hit our..

how to build a solid, frost-proof deck footing | deck footings .,dig and pour your deck footings so they extend below the frost line, so they won't move, or heave, as the ground freezes and thaws during seasonal changes. .. why deck posts should not be set in concrete - nor dirt, check out yours especially if its a double height load bearing platform for safety - rotted wood at grade..

deck can be built over concrete patio using frame base .,jun 30, 1989 . q-our 36-year-old concrete patio consists of six slabs that have become uneven over the years from sinking, heaving and wear and tear. i`m looking for a solution that would not mean breaking up and removing the concrete. could a wood deck be built over the patio? a-the usual way to build a deck over a..

deck stairs on frost footings | professional deck builder .,aug 3, 2012 . many deck stairs land directly on a concrete patio or even on a chunk of flagstone, and in most cases, these simple landings are free to rise and fall with frost . the bottoms of stringers for deck stairs to be supported by frost footings - perhaps because they've adopted the american wood council's dca6-09,..

2018 patio & walkway repair costs (concrete, pavers, etc .,homeadvisor's patio & walkway repair guide provides costs for fixing your concrete slab, cement, brick, flagstone, or natural stone pavers. . stamped concrete; cost to refurbish or refinish a patio. broken paver repairs. brick; flagstone/natural stone. price factors. materials; tile vs. slab; extent of damage; patio..

repairing a wood deck and building a pergola shade arbor .,watch this video to see how we repaired a rotten wood deck, cleaned and stained a concrete patio, and built a pergola to provide much needed shade

patio vs deck - pros, cons, comparisons and costs - fixr.com,jul 26, 2017 . a 16 x 20-foot deck would cost between $6,720 and $22,720, with an average cost of $10,560. patios require significantly less material and labor and can be relatively inexpensive, depending on the size. the average cost for a 16 x 12-foot concrete patio using heavy concrete pavers will be around $700..

deck deck and patio resurfacer coating | today's .,rolling deck coating on concrete porch floor. deck is a thick, latex coating that can be rolled on weathered wood decks and concrete patios to fill cracks and provide a durable surface that's mildew and . well, it comes in two gallon paint cans, and it also comes with this nine-inch, heavy-duty, textured roller

deck footings done right - fine homebuilding,may 16, 2013 . no form: the smooth sides of a footing form minimize soil friction and act as a bond break, preventing heaving. if you don't use a form, concrete assumes the uneven shape of the soil. frost can grab the rough sides and heave a footing even if the bottom is below the frost line. slanted: the force on a..

a new type of deck footing: diamond piers - startribune.com,jun 13, 2013 . long steel pins get driven through the holes at 45 degree angles, and these pins make the small chunk of concrete as strong as an 18" round footing, . my next door neighbors had a deck that heaved so badly last year that the patio door wouldn't even open, and their deck stairway became downright scary..

which one to choose backyard patio (concrete patio vs. wood deck .,i also heard about wood decks, my wife says it looks nicer to build a wooden deck since it looks nicer, "warm looking". . heavy, so any rooms underneath will have to be built stronger, adding cost. wood . the "concrete slab" is pretty blah, but you can do things to it to make it look pretty nice, even "warm"

when to use above-ground concrete piers on decks | hunker,oct 31, 2011 . above-ground deck piers are precast, tapered concrete blocks with a wide base that are intended to rest directly on the ground or a concrete base. . if this type of movement (frost heave) occurs simultaneously in different areas, the tension can cause damage to your deck, such as twisting and cracking

frost heave and deck footings - structure tech home inspections,jun 5, 2013 . the goal is to have this chunk of concrete go deep enough in to the ground so that the bottom rests on soils that never freeze, which should prevent the soils from pushing the footing up. when deck footings aren't poured deep enough, decks can heave. sandy, well drained soils aren't particular susceptible..

massive patio heaving - looking for suggestions - doityourself.com .,may 21, 2009 . i have had massive heaving of my patio every winter since 2006. i have had to replace my patio once going from concrete to pavers. every winter my patio heaves 3+" and causes the ground breaker on my house to pinch my patio doors shut. it pulls siding off the house and has caused other damage

foundation frost heaving - youtube,sep 12, 2010 . http://woodgears.ca/cottage/foundation.html explaining how cyclic frost heaving can permanently displace a concrete foundation

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wood deck or concrete patio heaving